Make Your Own Cocktail

The activity begins when your professional bartender welcomes you to MaMa Florence and shares anecdotes and tales about the world of making mixed drinks and cocktail culture. The first segment will begin with a tasting of the materials used to create cocktails, and a brief presentation on the technical aspects of mixology. Your bartender will continue his presentation by indicating a selection of cocktails that can be created using the ingredients you’ve discussed. After learning about the technical aspects involved, your event will take a more hands-on note. All of the event’s participants will be broken into teams and have a three part challenge. The first is a qualitative challenge to recreate the perfect Negroni according to the barman’s instructions. The second is a quantitative challenge, a timed challenge to set up the bar correctly in the least amount of time. And lastly the creative challenge to use different ingredients to create your own cocktail to win the game!  Each team will have the chance to create their own cocktail based on the information they’ve received from the barman and their own instincts and tastes. Following the cocktail creation, there will be a relaxing moment during which participants will be able to network among themselves and then the winner will be announced and to celebrate the conclusion of the activity the winning drink will be served along with a special prize for the winners and participation certificate for all.

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