Create Your Own Dessert


The Create Your Own Dessert team building exercise provides a relaxed atmosphere where people can get out of their office roles and have some delicious fun. The Master of Ceremony introduces the rules of the game as well as the professional pastry chef who will be providing the tools and ingredients as well as guidance and encouragement to the various teams. 

Participants will be asked to focus on three factors. The first is quality: a recipe that the participants will have to replicate exactly following the chef’s demo with excellent technique. The second is quantity: the participants are supplied with certain ingredients and tools, each team will have to create as many mini desserts or cookies as they can in a limited amount of time. The third is creativity: without any instructions from the chef, the team will have fun coming up with an original, creative, and well presented creation. This three-part challenge will be an exceptional chance to put analytic skills and creativity to the test. Each team will have specific goals to achieve and strict rules to follow. Topping off the challenge, each team will have to come up with a mini-ad or promotional campaign to introduce their final creation! A winner will be chosen and awarded a prize and then everyone can enjoy a certificate of completion and some bubbly and dessert tasting.


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